A terrarium DIY!

Hello ! I am Chi Sin and I live in a small city called Singapore! This is going to be my first post and hopefully you will enjoy this. This DIY post is going to be very simple with materials you probably have or can be easily purchased from your local grocery store! Image

Some useful links that I should have used if I wasn’t that lazy…
http://makingitlovely.com/2012/04/17/diy-terrarium/ (They have lovely photos and large terrariums!)
http://fuzzygreenlights.com/2013/01/27/my-diy-terrarium/ (Some tutorials suggested using activated charcoal but I skipped this so I shall see if it does affect or not. )
http://www.henryhappened.com/diy-beach-terrarium.html You should take a look at this awesome (not to mention simple) hanging terrarium!

Why did I want to start to make my own terrarium?

Em……It is a little embarrassing to say, but I have been craft-gawking and pinning for like millions of years( okay exaggeration here…you get what I mean) and all I go was oh-ing and ahhhhhing half the time, admiring the beautiful pictures and….. doing nothing about them. Then, my friend showed me her huge collection of Terrariums and I was like: ” Hmm… Maybe I can do something like that?” ( and Its going to save me lots of me rather than buy ready-made ones.) Also, THERE IS NO SPACE to have pots of plants in the house so making a terrarium seems like the best choice! ( definitely a good reason for all to have these miniature gardens around!) Below is how I made my terrarium , which uses nothing that is hard to find and you can customize to your own liking.



1. Pebbles of different sizes
2. Plants ( I used Fittonia and Cactus plant)
3. Container ( I used the canning jar without the rubber stopper so its not airtight
4. Water
5. Newspaper ( to keep mess at the minimum)

First of all, I sterilized my containers before use ( just to be sure) but you can skip this step.


Then add the stones.

Add some soil into the container (jar) and leave a indent in the middle for you to put the plants in. Then take out your plant from the pot. Be careful, you don’t want to pull too much of the roots away.

 This step maybe optional… I learnt in class  that after uprooting the plant from the soil, it is best to put the plants (roots) in water to reduce shock to the plants. And also if you (are like me) , who takes a long take to separate the plants, putting the into the water is the safest thing to do…

Arrange it  to how you like it and…you are done! You can also add in some miniature figurines and stuffs like that, it makes more lively and fun!

Note: I mist the cactus once a week and the fitonnia terrarium once in 3-4 days and they are still thriving! ( the cactus are growing pretty fast)  It depends on where you live and where you put them, you should mist them when the soil looks dry or the plants looks like they need water!

Terrarium fittoniaterrarium cactus 2terrarium cactusPsst, I will be having a giveaway of one of these terrariums for those living in Singapore…Stay tuned!